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Some memorable dress shopping conversations.

Dress shopping conversations

Dress Shop Lady (DSL for short) “That’s my favourite of the three. What do you think?”
Me “It’s nice but I’m just not sure”

(same dress, 5 minutes later)
DSL “Do you see yourself getting married in that dress?”
Me “No. I think IB will turn round and think “What the hell is she wearing?””

(Same dress, 5 Minutes later)
DSL “ We can offer a special price on the dress if you buy it during this consultation”
Mum “We’re not making a decision that quickly”

(Same dress, 5 minutes later)
DSL “So, do you think you’ll buy it”
Me “No, probably not”

(Same dress, when DSL lady goes upstairs to get yet another veil)
Me “Mum, I’m going to cry if she doesn’t take this awful dress off me right now”

Same Dress Shop as above, same lady, different dress.

DSL “There, that’s a nice veil” (as she puts a cathedral length veil on me)
Me “I don’t like long veils, I don’t feel comfortable”

DSL lady puts an elbow length veil on me.
Me “I love it! I feel so much better with a shorter one”
DSL whips out short veil and replaces it with a diamante encrusted cathedral one.
DSL “That’s better.”

5 minutes later, I remove said veil myself as my protestations that I don’t like it have fallen on deaf ears.

Same dress shop, same lady

Mum “Can she try on that one with straps? She doesn’t like strapless dresses”
DSL ignores mum as she is preoccupied with the veil.

After escaping dress shop

Me “Mum, please can you stop telling people you like me in dresses with huge trains? I don’t.”
Mum “In my mind that’s what a wedding dress is”
Me “Fine, you renew your vows and wear one then.” (I’m ashamed of this one, bit mean, sorry Mum.)

Things I learned about dress shopping

  • You apparently only need to try on 4 dresses before you find the “one”. (convenient as most dress shops seem to let you try on 4 dresses in your one hour appointment)
  • When you try on “the dress” you will know straight away. (but the dress shop lady will still want you to strut around like an idiot while she tries to sell it to you)
  • Often, the dress shop staff will bring the dress they know your Mum will like, rather than the ones you want.
  • Apparently I have to dress like a princess because the dress is more important than anything else.
  • Wedding dresses are heavy and make my ass look humungous.

Things I learned about my Mum whilst dress shopping
(Some of these things may be down to the fact that my parents had a tiny, low key wedding and Mum didn’t wear a typical dress)

  • She has a vision of me on my wedding day wearing a HUGE white dress with long train and lots of sparkle.
  • She agrees that most typical wedding dresses are not me, but still can’t get over the big white dress thing.
  • We shouldn’t ever shop for 8 hours together.
  • She gets up too early.

Things I learned about myself while dress shopping

  • I am far too polite and for some reason I didn’t want to discount the dresses for fear of offending the staff. Including the truly hideous ones.
  • I don’t subscribe to the dress being the most important thing about the wedding. The marriage is the most important thing about the wedding, the dress will just make me feel pretty whilst getting married.
  • I can’t be bothered with people fussing over me. The thought of someone creeping about behind me trying to fix the train of my dress All Day Long makes me a little bit angry. And people would do it. They have a compulsion that makes them.
  • More than anything else I want a dress that I put on and then forget about. Nothing that will be heavy, require fussing or anything that stops me from being able to move freely!
  • I like more sparkle and lace than I thought I would.

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The dress shopping weekend didn’t go so well.

First of all, it’s exhausting and really hard work. Second of all, dresses that you think will work often don’t, leading to disappointment. And thirdly, dress shop staff are ultimately sales people, albeit at different levels of pushiness.

Mum and I went to 5 dress shops in one day, then 2 the next. All very different with very different experiences. One was particularly awful, more on that another day.

The end (and main) result was that I proved that the custom dress is the one for me! It’s the dress that makes me grin. It’s the dress that makes me feel like me and the dress that I can put on and forget about. And it’s the dress that passes the bouncy castle test*. I booked my slot with the designer (more to be revealed soon) first thing on Monday morning and I’m so happy with my decision.

Now, any advice on how to get any work done when I can’t stop looking at the picture of my dress?

*This became my dress shopping mantra whenever a pretty dress tempted me – Can I see myself on a bouncy castle in this dress?”. Slightly concerned that the bouncy castle may be taking over the wedding.

I have plenty of friends. This isn’t a give-me-sympathy post. But sometimes I’m guilty of forgetting just how lucky I am.

For a bit of background, I’ve lived in 3 different places in the last 7 years, accumulating different groups of friends as I went along. I have fewer friends in Glasgow than I did in Manchester, so occasionally I feel a bit sorry for myself. (I should point out that I have several AMAZING friends in Glasgow) I miss having loads of people round me to make last minute plans with, to go shopping with and just to pop round for a girly chat.

IB and I visited one of my very good friends who lives near my parents a month or so ago and she offered to help arrange my Scottish hen day/night. Since two of my bridesmaids are in Australia and my20 year old sister suggested we go to the Arches, I very gratefully accepted, but didn’t think too much of it.

But this week, Lovely Friend emailed me with loads of suggestions, even offering to come up to Glasgow to trial some options. How amazing. This is a girl with NO obligation whatsoever to help, she just wants to. And unlike some people, she is genuinely interested in our plans.

My friends are great.

I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of identity with this here blog recently.

I am a Glasgowbride, but obviously not the only one so it seems like a bit of a big-headed name to give myself. At the time, I was feeling distinctly unimaginative. It also means that my blog gets traffic from people looking for Glasgow based wedding services on search engines and I always worry that someone who knows me will come across it.

Finally, it’s not appropriate for any non-wedding blogging I do once I’m a married lady (hopefully there will eventually be house buying and baby-rearing type blogging).So I was thinking about changing both the name and the platform. WordPress is great, but everyone on blogspot has such pretty blogs and WordPress isn’t very customisable unless you pay for it. I’d have to keep my twitter user name, but I can handle that.

Now, I just need to decide what to call myself this time.