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When I finished Uni, I briefly worked as a web designer before jacking it all in to move to Manchester for what I thought was a great job. Turns out I was wrong, but in the three years it took to discover that, I made some absolutely amazing friends. And I’m going to see them […]



IB and I aren’t particularly worried about wedding etiquette. It’s our day and we’re paying so we’ll do what we like. But a few people have been surprised by one of our decisions, and I wondered if it’s rude rather than just bad etiquette? We’re not having plus ones. Obviously if a guest has a long […]

IB’s parents visited for the weekend and hadn’t seen the church or the reception venue, so we took them round both On Saturday. I think they liked them, and it was nice for them to see West, as the brochure doesn’t do it justice. The Hop Room was set up for a wedding ceremony when we went in, but […]



Lots of wedding stuff this weekend – IB’s parents are visiting so we’re taking them to see the church and West, then going to the Wedding Show at the SECC on Sunday. Going to try to speak to potential florists and IB is on a mission to choose a tartan for his kilt. Also, going […]



IB reads my blog whenever I update it, mainlyto check that I’m being nice about him, but probably also to make sure that my hundreds of crazy ideas aren’t spiralling out of control. However, he is feeling slightly put out with his nickname. He doesn’t think “IB” sounds very “hard”, and has requested that he […]



I don’t like following the crowd. I’m not way-out-there, but I do like to be a little bit original. For example, I held my 21st birthday party at a childrens farm centre, in a barn with bouncy castles, ball pit and trampolines. The invitations were deflated balloons with the party details written on them. Mum […]

Fancy wheels


Wedding cars were not on my list of priorites. I wanted to get a cheap taxi to the church. But then I found a website with converted VW campervans for weddings and that kicked off a small period of wedding car obsession. IB discovered a wedding Aston Martin DB9 and planned some James Bond action. […]



Even though the wedding planning guides tell you that you don’t need to choose your wedding party straight away, it was one of the first things I did. In fact, I asked my sister to be my bridesmaid before I even told her I was engaged. Cue one confused sister. In addition to my wee […]

Dancing Queen


Last year, I attended a very lovely friend’s wedding. One particularly memorable part of her reception was the band, who were amazing. They played a range of covers, both old and modern,  no ballads or cheesy pop. I loved them and had a fantastic night, barely leaving the dance floor. And the dance floor was […]

About a month ago (and before this blog existed, otherwise I’d have posted at the time) I had my first Wedding Nightmare. My addiction to YouAndYourWedding had told me this was a common occurrence, but I really wasn’t expecting it so early in the planning! I dreamt that the following things happened: My dad was too drunk […]