Good news


Just before Christmas, IB got a job. And even better, it was in a different department within the same company. Full-on wedding planning could begin. And obviously, I was delighted for my lovely man too….

We’d already chosen a church, so once we’d checked that both the church and reception venue were free on the same date, we got them booked and paid deposits (ouch). We’re getting married on the 25th June 2011.

Our church is the Glasgow University Memorial Chapel. IB works for Glasgow University, and as we have no affiliation with any other church in the city, it was the only one ever on the cards. I also love the fact that we will get married at the University, as we would never have met if he hadn’t worked there. The church itself is lovely, with an unusual layout inside where the pews face the aisle instead of forward. All eyes will truly be on me as I walk up the aisle, so no-one will miss it if I trip and fall on my face!

The inside of the church

Cloisters outside the Church

And for the reception, we’ve chosen West, a German brewery on the edge of Glasgow Green. It has two rooms, the main bar and the hop room, and we will have exclusive use on the day. There’s also a garden, so hopefully it will be sunny. Our guests can have a brewery tour while photos are taken, and even I can tell that the beer is pretty good. It has gorgeous wooden panelling throughout, but is a blank canvas. We can pretty much do whatever we like decor wise and the staff are fantastic. I also love that is is so informal, in contrast to the formality of the ceremony.

West - Outside

West - Outside

West - Inside

West Inside


6 Responses to “Good news”

  1. 1 Jess

    This church is beautiful!

  2. Have you seen ? Lillian & Leonard just posted a wedding reception at West.
    Sounds like your plans are coming along nicely. Looking forward to following the rest of the journey.

    • I hadn’t seen that, thank you SO much for posting it! There are very few pictures online of West so I get very excited whenever I come across some and Lillian and Leonard’s are very beautiful.

  3. We also looked at West – lovely place!

  4. 5 Emma

    Just came across your blog today. Turns out we’re having very similar weddings. We’re getting married in The Randolph Hall at Glasgow University and then our reception is also at WEST (went for dinner last month and there was wedding party in the smaller hop room which looked lovely!)

    Wonder if your families and friends are as excited about having a party in a brewery as ours?

    • Hi Emma,

      Wow – those are pretty similar weddings! Lovely to hear from another WEST bride, there don’t seem to be many of us out there even if WEST seems to be closed for functions every weekend! Would love to hear more about your wedding. reply on here if you fancy swapping plans and I’ll send you an email.

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