Pretty Pictures


IB mistakenly thought that once the church and venue were booked, we’d be able to relax. As if.

Photography was next on my list, so I created a very long shortlist of photographers who appeared to be in our price range and started contacting them. All we knew about our photography requirements was that we wanted as few formal group shots as possible. We had no idea how many different styles of photography are out there, and it was all slightly confusing.

One photographer, James Solly, emailed me back really quickly, and his emails were so friendly and welcoming that we decided to meet him. He took us through his portfolio and asked us what we liked and disliked about the styles. Turns out, we have more opinions about photography than we thought! He also seemed genuinely interested in our plans. IB isn’t a fan of having his photo taken, but also really liked him. He could remember the story behind each and every shot and has a real passion for weddings.

Equally as important was the package. We don’t want an album package, but prefer to get our pictures on a disk, then get an album done after the wedding. James offers this at a fantastic price.

After a couple of hours, IB and I left the meeting both thinking about how to persuade the other to book James! Easiest negotiation ever and we confirmed everything the next day.

Hopefully, James won’t mind me linking to my absolute favourite of his shots, the 6th shot on the following page may have sealed the deal.

Example Shots


One Response to “Pretty Pictures”

  1. Hi, firstly, thank you soo much for the kind words, it’s always nice to know that I’m still “getting it right” after all this time, and that people still appreciate the packages I offer, the price, and indeed the work that I do.

    I found your Blog, as people are obviously clicking the link to me, and it’s showing up on my hits statistics (you have a large audience by all accounts!). Also feel free to link away, linking to ones work, is the best form of flattery you know, which will get you whatever you’re after!!

    Anyway, reading through the “Nightmare” post, that reminds me, I meant to contact you earlier to discuss adding in some extra time for the “naked shots” on the day, presumably in the morning?, but trust me, I’ll be extra, extra careful not to say a single thing about your hair on the day!!


    Thanks again, and keep on Blogging … it’ll be here before you know it !!

    James Solly (Super-Professional Photographer)

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