The big question…


IB’s proposal was hinted at several times in the year before he actually proposed, and I will admit to being a bit of a nag about it! I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just get on with it, as I knew it was in the pipeline, and I didn’t stop going on about it, poor IB. I spent my days dreaming up proposal scenarios, looking at rings and getting ridiculously hopeful every time he suggested we went anywhere! It was frustrating, but those frustrations disappeared when he Did The Deed.

I arrived home one Friday evening at the same time as him. I was starving and a bit miffed that he hadn’t gone to the shop to buy the pasta sauce I’d asked to pick up on the way home! He told me to go into the living room and came back with a gift bag. I opened it to find a gorgeous silver charm bracelet with a sparkly heart and Eiffel Tower charm attached (I’m obsessed with all things Paris; it was our first holiday together). In a seperate little pouch was a LoveHearts charm with “Marry Me” on one side and an engraved message on the other! As you can imagine, I was fairly overwhelmed and it took me a few moments remember to say yes. He then gave me the final charm, a teeny tiny engagement ring.

We phoned round the families, spread the word by way of picture text message, went out with friends for an impromptu dinner (I was still starving due to the lack of pasta sauce) and drank lots of champagne and cocktails before rolling home ever so slightly tipsy!


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