The lull before the storm…


After the excitement of getting engaged and finding the perfect ring, we took a few weeks to just get our heads round the idea, catch up with family and friends and spend vast sums of money on wedding magazines! For a few weeks, we discussed what we both wanted for our day. Me: informal and relaxed, preferably a hog roast and a really good band. IB: stress-free and cheap. Although, he did, and still does, love the idea of a pig-on-a-stick.

Where to get married was also an issue; we live in Glasgow, my family in South West Scotland, IB’s in Ireland and our friends are scattered far and wide. To complicate matters, IB’s contract at work was running out and we weren’t sure if we were staying in the city or relocating. However, I am unbelievably impatient (see the Proposal post for proof) and nothing was going to stop me planning this wedding. I decided that if we moved, I’d just start all over again.

Due to my afore-mentioned pre-engagement wedding obsession, I knew that we would struggle to find a hotel or typical catered venue which allows outside catering for a hog roast. So we made a shortlist (very short) of non-catered venues in Glasgow and started the enquiry process. Unfortunately, none of them met our requirements, all being either too big, too small, too restrictive or way too expensive.

I was beginning to think that we were looking for the impossible, and trawled every wedding forum, directory and magazine looking for the elusive venue. We had to relax our requirements slightly, and I remembered a venue that I had previously loved but ruled out as it is fully catered. I broached the subject with the IB, who agreed to go and have a look. Still not convinced this was because he liked the idea or because he had really had enough of thinking about venues!


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