Venue hunting


We decided to view our venue because their brochure said that they did spit-roast catering, but in the end, it was the flexibility that won us over. The fact that it doesn’t look like a wedding venue at all also helped, because I’m looking forward to some diy decor projects!

We didn’t decide straight away, partly because we also had to book the church, and partly because I had a two-week long freak-out about spending THAT much money on one element of our day. It’s not ridiculously expensive, but for a bargain hunter like myself, parting with the cash is going to hurt.

So, in the interests of making sure we were doing the right thing, we viewed a few more places, all of which were typical wedding venues. None of them came close, I just couldn’t visualise our wedding day being anywhere BUT my favourite venue. There was a slightly scary moment when IB declared that he liked one of them (as i recall, matching his kilt to the function room curtains was mentioned), but he soon decided that he also liked the original place better. Either he genuinely loves it or just wants an easy life.

At this point in the process, things got a wee bit frustrating. We’d found our ideal venue (and knew what church we wanted), but still couldn’t set the date because of IB’s employment situation.

We were in wedding limbo.

Limbo is not a good place for an impatient Bride.


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