With this ring…


Before the Proposal, I had carried out extensive but secretive research into engagement rings. I had visions of us getting something designed and custom made with an unusual shaped diamond. I had my eye on several rings, but was always drawn to marquise cut diamonds.

The day after IB proposed, and once the hangover had abated, we went to look at rings. We fully intended to only look, not buy, and research our decision properly then go off and commission the ring. There is a jewellery arcade in the city, so we went there, browsed and then bravely chose a random shop to get started!

The shop was horrendous, the rings were really poor value for money and the sales assistant kept bringing me rings I said I didn’t like and not bringing the ones I wanted. She was pushing us to buy a princess cut ring I really didn’t like but wouldn’t take no for an answer, even getting another girl in the shop to try it on as she was insistant that it was the ring for me! We made our excuses and got out of there, feeling pretty deflated by the experience. I was almost in tears and desperate to get home. On the way out of the arcade, we passed the sweetest little family run shop with the window display crammed full of gorgeous rings. We decided to give it another try and rang the doorbell to be allowed in. We spoke to a lovely man, who inspected my hands (did you know that hands have characterisitcs?) and asked for our budget before coming back with 4 amazing Marquise diamond rings. He put the 1st one on my finger and I burst into tears. That was it, poor IB couldn’t even negotiate after that reaction. Luckily we got a very good deal. The ring had to be resized but it would be all mine 3 days later!


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