Dancing Queen


Last year, I attended a very lovely friend’s wedding. One particularly memorable part of her reception was the band, who were amazing. They played a range of covers, both old and modern,  no ballads or cheesy pop. I loved them and had a fantastic night, barely leaving the dance floor. And the dance floor was never empty.

This is what I want for my wedding. Within my budget please.

The main things I learned during the hunt for our band were that a ceilidh is more important to IB than me and that it’s not easy to determine how good a band just by listening to their online demos. They all sound good, that’s the point of demos!

After compromising with IB on a small ceilidh section instead of a full on wedding ceilidh, we began another of our long shortlists, contacting loads of bands to get an idea of prices. Very few were within our budget, and none of those really excited us. Back to the drawing board.

Somehow, I stumbled across a relatively new wedding band called Three Card Trick. Demo’s sounded great, set list was perfect and they were within budget. We went to see them last weekend, loved them and booked them. I have no doubt that they’ll keep our guests boogie-ing away all night long, but bring a bit of their own personality as well. They’re also willing to learn new songs for us.

Finally, on the subject of bands – IB may think that Killing In The Name Of is going to be played at our wedding, but he is wrong.


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