Wedding nightmare


About a month ago (and before this blog existed, otherwise I’d have posted at the time) I had my first Wedding Nightmare. My addiction to YouAndYourWedding had told me this was a common occurrence, but I really wasn’t expecting it so early in the planning! I dreamt that the following things happened:

  • My dad was too drunk to walk me down the aisle.
  • The photographer turned up and insisted on taking naked pictures of me. Not a pretty sight.
  • Photographer also told me my hair looked “like shit”.
  • On the morning of the wedding I realised I hadn’t asked for RSVP’s so had no idea if anyone was coming.
  • Discovered that in fact the guests were planning to come, but only to the ceremony, not the reception

The final nail in my wedding-coffin was the ceremony being cancelled because the previous one had overrun by 2 hours.

I have never been so happy to wake up.


3 Responses to “Wedding nightmare”

  1. Oh the YAYW forums are a scary place!

    And the nightmares are normal!

    • They are awful! Apparently asking an opinion gives people permission to be downright nasty. I’ve weaned myself of forums and only use them to look for reviews of suppliers now, they aren’t a nice place to plan a wedding!

  2. 3 miramichiphoto

    I have regular nightmares before weddings. I am a pro photographer, but still worry about leaving home for a wedding and forgetting my camera or something behind – maybe a flat tire, who knows. The worst that has happened so far has been ripping the ass out of my pants while crouching to take a photo on the altar at a ceremony.

    I hope all went/goes well.


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