Even though the wedding planning guides tell you that you don’t need to choose your wedding party straight away, it was one of the first things I did. In fact, I asked my sister to be my bridesmaid before I even told her I was engaged. Cue one confused sister.

In addition to my wee sister, I’m also having my two future sisters in law. All 3 girls are laid back so I don’t envisage any bridesmaid meltdowns. (That’s bride speak for “they won’t have tantrums over dresses/hairstyles/shoes”)

We aren’t having any junior bridesmaids, flower girl’s or page boys. As cute as they are, I have a lot of younger cousins and second cousins plus some of my friends have gorgeous babies. There’s no way I could have chosen between them all, nor could I have had them all in the bridal party.

IB took a bit longer to make his decisions, and might have needed some gentle nagging. In typical boy style, he didn’t want to make a fuss. He asked his younger brother to be Best Man and it went like this –

“Glasgowbride says I have to ask you, so do you want to be the Best Man?”


“Ok, then.”

The speeches will be short.

Later, he chose his Ushers/Groomsmen. One is a good friend and the other is my gullible little brother, who, for a while, believed that he was being our page boy. He’s almost 19.

So, wedding party done and dusted. Here’s the tricky part – only one of the entire wedding party lives in Scotland (not Glasgow). One is in the Navy and heading to the Falklands soon. Two are travelling in Australia and the final two live in Ireland. I will have to be very trusting of their ability to measure themselves for kilts and dresses!


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