I don’t like following the crowd. I’m not way-out-there, but I do like to be a little bit original. For example, I held my 21st birthday party at a childrens farm centre, in a barn with bouncy castles, ball pit and trampolines. The invitations were deflated balloons with the party details written on them. Mum made kids party food like top hats and sandwiches with the crusts cut off. We had go kart races outside in sub zero temperatures and I had the best time ever. It was great but most importantly, it was “me”.

So, same again for the wedding please.
IB worries that I’m being different just for the sake of it, but I’m really not. Every time I’ve been to a friends wedding, there’s always been some element of it that completely suits them AND sets their wedding apart from all the others. I want that, I don’t want people to just say my wedding was “lovely”, I want the response to be “It was lovely, and they had <insert cool wedding idea here>”.
One of my first and favourite wedding ideas has been featured in the Rockmywedding trends of 2010 post (I LOVE RMW, but more blog love another day). Now, the idea certainly isn’t completely unique to our wedding and I’ve sort of amalgamated it from various other ideas I’ve nicked from Stylemepretty and Martha Stewart Weddings, but I’m still seriously keeping my fingers crossed that no-one sees it and assumes that I’m following the latest trends!
Having said all that, how excited am I that one of my ideas is worthy of a mention on super-cool RMW?

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