Post-weekend round up


IB’s parents visited for the weekend and hadn’t seen the church or the reception venue, so we took them round both On Saturday. I think they liked them, and it was nice for them to see West, as the brochure doesn’t do it justice. The Hop Room was set up for a wedding ceremony when we went in, but very different to how it will all look on our wedding day.

IB and his Dad went to a football match on Saturday afternoon while his Mum and I did a bit of shopping. We went to Princes Square for coffee and huge gooey cakes (diet starts in March, honest) and then went to Mica to look at the tiara’s and headbands. I don’t have a dress, but surely a girl can still try on some bling?

Sunday was the Scottish Wedding Show at the SECC. I dragged IB and his Mum there early in anticipation of it being mobbed. We thought it was a lot better than the show at the Royal Concert Hall a week earlier and got loads of ideas and inspiration. We may also have found a perfect tartan for the kilts. And in no particular order, I have developed obsessions with:

  • A £3500 Joyce Young dress (that I definitely won’t be getting)
  • Baileys and toffee cake
  • Invitations from Lovat Press (I was down on my hands and knees looking at the bottom shelf and getting some bemused looks)
  • A Piper who does a lovely Quiach ceremony
  • An ice cream cart and Biscotti Ice Cream
  • A headband with gorgeous crystals and pearls
  • Hand tied bouquets with Ranunculas and thistles

I’m feeling the effects of all the wedding chat though. I have to keep reminding myself that not everyone wants to hear about my wedding all the time! Also, I’m not so good at secrets so I keep giving away all the plans which should really be surprises on the day. Oops!

Finally, thanks to mysparethoughts for sending me a link to a recent wedding at West, I get a bit giddy when I come across new veue pictures I haven’t seen before and those ones are particularly gorgeous.


One Response to “Post-weekend round up”

  1. 1 R

    Aww, thank you for the mention.
    Stay away from the Joyce Young dresses! Glad you had a good weekend.

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