When I finished Uni, I briefly worked as a web designer before jacking it all in to move to Manchester for what I thought was a great job. Turns out I was wrong, but in the three years it took to discover that, I made some absolutely amazing friends. And I’m going to see them tomorrow! IB is being abandoned but he has planned a whole weekend of sport watching to console himself with.

I’m a bridesmaid for one of the girls in August this year, and I’ve got Absent Bridesmaid guilt.  So, once I’ve visited a few other friends on Thursday and Friday, I’m handing over control of the weekend to the lovely bride to do whatever she needs help with. I can’t wait to catchup on her wedding plans and see my bridesmaid dress (I’ve tried it on but in the wrong colour). Also looking forward to a wedding weekend that isn’t all about MY wedding and therefore is stress-free! Plus, two of my friends have had baby boy’s since I last visited and I’m really looking forward to meeting them.

Secretly, I’m also looking forward to showing off my engagement ring to loads of people who haven’t yet seen it. It’ll be like getting engaged again!


One Response to “Manchester-bound”

  1. Have a good weekend, yay for baby cuddles

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