IB and I aren’t particularly worried about wedding etiquette. It’s our day and we’re paying so we’ll do what we like.

But a few people have been surprised by one of our decisions, and I wondered if it’s rude rather than just bad etiquette?

We’re not having plus ones. Obviously if a guest has a long term boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, then their partner will be named on the invitation. And also, if they don’t know anyone else, we’re happy for them to bring someone along. But most of the single guests are family members and I don’t think they NEED to bring a friend. It’s not even about the money, but about having people there who we know and love.

I plan to make a big effort to ensure that my guests are seated with people who they either know or will easily engage with, but are we being rude by not letting our guests bring a friend?


5 Responses to “Wed-iquette?”

  1. I don’t think you are being rude not inviting plus ones. It takes the pressure of the single people to find a plus one!

  2. We are doing the same so no I dont think you are being rude.

    We only invited 1 guest with a plus 1 since she wont know anyone else. The other single people are just coming themselves as they know some of our other friends too.

  3. A friend of ours is doing the same – she hasn’t sent out the invitations yet so my OH is a little worried that he won’t be invited but we totally get what she’s doing. I don’t see why you should have to pay for some random to be there on your wedding day! (Though I wouldn’t put it like that of course!!)

  4. We’re doing the same. Ours is a fairly small wedding <50 people so if we gave all our single friends plus ones then its will change the balance of the majority of people knowing each other anyway. Also, if we didn't know the plus one well enough to invite then we don't really want them there. Harsh but true.

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