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Overdue update


I haven’t blogged much recently, for several reasons, but I have maintained my addiction to reading blogs. Damn you, Google Reader, for hampering my productivity. The main reason for the lack of blog activity is something that I can’t yet write about (mysterious!), but has kept me distracted from all things wedding for a week […]

I’ve been foiled by an organised and pro-active bride somewhere in the central belt. It’s the first time in wedding planning that a supplier I’ve really liked hasn’t had availability on our date and I am really not happy. How dare there be more than one wedding on the same day as ours? This weekend […]

I have spent a LOT of time looking at wedding dress designers websites. I have a scrapbook full of styles I like, plus about 30 bookmarked dresses on Delicious. I won’t be properly looking until I’ve lost a bit of weight, but there’s one dress I just can’t get out of my head. It’s within […]

All by myself


IB is in Bristol tonight, so I’ll have a night all by myself. He used to go away a lot more often, and sometimes for more than a week, but this is the first time in ages and it feels odd. However, I’m going to make the most of it and eat pasta, while watching […]



We booked our wedding and set the date just before Christmas 2009. At the time it was 19 months until the wedding, which felt like A Very Long Time. Fast forward to March and the wedding is now 16 months away and I’m not sure where the last 3 months have gone. In a way, […]

In the absence of any wedding related news today, I thought I’d give away a few sneaky details about IB and myself. Without revealing too much obviously. Me Glasgowbride is a misnomer as I’m not from Glasgow. I actually grew up on a few different farms in the south of Scotland. I’m a reluctant city […]

As IB is Irish (IB = Irish Boy if you hadn’t already guessed) I wasn’t sure if he would or wanted to wear a kilt, and obviously it was entirely up to him. But, very soon after we got engaged he decided he wanted to wear one so we started looking for a suitable tartan […]

Blog neglect


I’ve been neglecting blog writing this week. I had a really busy long weekend in Manchester visiting friends, gossiping, catching up and being Auntie Glasgowbride to their beautiful children. I’ve finally met the new babies of two friends. Baby #1 was sick straight down the inside of my top about 10 seconds into my first […]