Blog neglect


I’ve been neglecting blog writing this week. I had a really busy long weekend in Manchester visiting friends, gossiping, catching up and being Auntie Glasgowbride to their beautiful children.

I’ve finally met the new babies of two friends. Baby #1 was sick straight down the inside of my top about 10 seconds into my first cuddle then fell asleep in my arms for 2 hours. Baby #2 is a wee bit older and is a gorgeous and giggly  little man with bags of personality. Another friend has a 3 year old who I hadn’t seen for a year; it’s amazing how fast kids grow up, and how funny they can be. I spent some lovely time reading stories and playing games with her.

From Friday night, I was on Bridesmaid duty, trying to help my friend as much as possible since I’ve not been very hands on (lets call her Manchesterbride or MB for short). Her wedding plans are really coming on and I can’t wait for the day itself, she and her lovely fiancé truly are made for each other. We managed to find bridesmaids shoes on Saturday and one of the other bridesmaids (mummy to Baby #1) had a hair trial. The hairstyle MB has chosen is gorgeous, we’re all pretty excited about our girlie morning at the hairdressers on the day of the wedding.

On Saturday night, myself, MB and the other three bridesmaids all went out for dinner and cocktails. I strongly believe that the sign of a good friendship is when you see people for the first time in ages but it feels like you last met a week ago. That’s exactly what it’s like with my friends. So, driving home on Sunday I had reverse-home sickness. I was desperate to see IB, but also missing my friends and my Manchester social life.

The only downside to the weekend is that I’m still recovering from the late nights and early mornings. I was also working 2 nights this week (I have a second job – weddings need to be paid for somehow) which hasn’t helped. We are going to look at Kilts tomorrow with my dad and brother, but apart from that, I have a very lazy weekend planned.


2 Responses to “Blog neglect”

  1. Sounds like a busy time! Hope you enjoy your weekend relaxing!

  2. We’re all allowed a little time off now and then. Sounds like you were very busy. Enjoy your weekend.

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