Kilted and booted


As IB is Irish (IB = Irish Boy if you hadn’t already guessed) I wasn’t sure if he would or wanted to wear a kilt, and obviously it was entirely up to him. But, very soon after we got engaged he decided he wanted to wear one so we started looking for a suitable tartan to match the purple colour scheme. Living in Glasgow, there are dozens of kilt shops to choose from, but after visiting several stands at the wedding show recently, we’d only found one hire tartan we liked and it was from a shop in Stirling. We’d also experienced far better customer service than any of the Glasgow businesses could offer as well as better prices. So, on Saturday, my parents and brother came up to Stirling with us to try on some kilts.

It is very early in the wedding planning process to even think about kilts but as none of the wedding party live here we thought we may as well get it sorted early. Plus, my brother is in the Navy and due to head off on a tour of the Falklands and North America later this year, so we were taking advantage of him being on leave this month.

Despite my Dad being the most indecisive man in the world and Mum eventually having to step in and tell him what tartan to get, we managed to get all 3 kilted up. IB, the best man and ushers are all wearing the same outfit, but possibly with different ties and sporrans. My Dad is going to wear a different jacket as he’s not comfortable in the more modern Argyle jacket. They’re all wearing the Scotland Forever tartan, although Dad was tempted by a grey tartan with a bit of red in it. He was more worried than me about things matching (I don’t like matching and would happily have let everyone choose any tartan they liked, but IB prefers that the wedding party be in the same tartan) but we got there in the end!

We then headed back to Glasgow and took my parents to West for lunch as they hadn’t seen it. I think they liked it but it’s hard for other people to visualise how it will be on our wedding day.

IB and I are going to take a bit of a break from full on wedding planning now, we’ve got the main things sorted and nothing else needs to be done for a while. However, I’m still going to post about wedding ideas and things I like, as well as the dress search when it starts. Also, spending less time researching wedding stuff might motivate me to get out of the flat and into the gym, otherwise the Big Wedding Dress Hunt may be Big in more ways that one.


2 Responses to “Kilted and booted”

  1. Most of our boys already have their own kilts so it is only O that we need to worry about and I’ve left all of that up to him. Terrified that he might just turn up to the wedding in his jeans because his kilt hasn’t arrived in time. I wouldn’t mind if they were clean jeans but…….

  2. Glad you got the kilts sorted.

    Graham bought his own but we hired ones for the best man and ushers. We have gone non matching as Graham preferred it, they will just have the same buttonholes to tie in.

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