Me, myself and IB


In the absence of any wedding related news today, I thought I’d give away a few sneaky details about IB and myself. Without revealing too much obviously.


  • Glasgowbride is a misnomer as I’m not from Glasgow. I actually grew up on a few different farms in the south of Scotland.
  • I’m a reluctant city dweller – what I wouldn’t give for a country cottage with a pretty garden, a couple of dogs and maybe some chickens.
  • I work in Search Engine Marketing, which is definitely NOT the fun and creative side of marketing. I also do some casual bar work to keep the pennies rolling in.
  • I am the oldest in my family (including all my cousins) and still harbour some resentment over the relaxation of rules once my parents had practised all the disciplinary methods on me. Luckily, 10 years later, I’ve learned to joke about it!
  • I’m so impatient that I even drive myself nuts. If I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW.


  • IB is Irish, he also grew up in the middle-of-nowhere and arrived in Glasgow nearly 3 years ago after several years of living in Dublin.
  • IB loves Guinness and Whisky. We have arguments over whether Irish Whiskey is better than Scottish Whisky, I don’t even like the stuff but I’m patriotic!
  • He’s sports mad and will watch anything with an element of competition. Including Darts. Which I don’t count as a sport.
  • He’s a clever clogs and works as a Research Scientist. He researches computer stuff that I don’t understand.
  • IB is super-laidback and far more patient than I am.

3 Responses to “Me, myself and IB”

  1. One thing. It is called whisky and then irish whiskey. Obviously scottish is best!

    Te hee!

    • Thanks Anna! I always use the argument that there is a good reason that it is referred to as “Scotch” in the rest of the world.

  2. Oooh intriguing… I read your first one and was like ‘what? you’re not actually in glasgow?’ and then I understood! Sometimes I read faster than my brain thinks!!

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