We booked our wedding and set the date just before Christmas 2009. At the time it was 19 months until the wedding, which felt like A Very Long Time.

Fast forward to March and the wedding is now 16 months away and I’m not sure where the last 3 months have gone. In a way, that’s a good thing, it means the wedding is going to come around nice and quickly. However, there were a few things I needed to change about my life which haven’t been going so well, so I would like time to slow down please.

Firstly, finances. I am completely useless with money. It burns big fat holes in my pocket. If it’s there, I will spend it. With a wedding to pay for, this isn’t an ideal attitude to have, so I created a savings plan to ensure that by June 2011, I’ll have enough to pay for the wedding and to pay off my student loan.

2 months into the savings plan and it’s not going well. Month 1 saw me dipping into savings to cover costs at the end of the month. March is month 2 and I’m struggling.  If I can change my costly routines, then I’ll get the wedding day I want, but more importantly, IB and I can afford some other luxuries along the way like holidays. (I should point out that IB is much better with money than I am and has real savings, not the kind that you take back out of the account at the end of the month when your current account is empty)

Second is more of a “want” than a “need”. I want to be a lot thinner on my wedding day. I’m not particularly healthy just now, and feel miserable with it. I live next to a gym (which I am a member of) so I have no excuse. I believed that the wedding would be all the motivation I needed, but apparently not. So, starting this week, I am going to be far stricter with my diet and exercise regime. I’m going to set short term goals instead of huge ones and see if that helps.

This weeks goals –

Number 1 – Make it to the gym.

Number 2 – Don’t spend ANY money. Especially on starbucks, taxis or Pret wraps. (This should also help with the diet!)

Wish me luck…


2 Responses to “Goals…”

  1. Morning hot chocolate (don’t like coffee very much) and a croissant are my downfalls both in terms of diet and money. That and forgetting to take my lunch to work so having to go to the shop to buy a sandwich which inevitably leads to chocolate. Good luck with your goals.

  2. I am so in with your goals!

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