Curse of the organised bride


I’ve been foiled by an organised and pro-active bride somewhere in the central belt. It’s the first time in wedding planning that a supplier I’ve really liked hasn’t had availability on our date and I am really not happy. How dare there be more than one wedding on the same day as ours?

This weekend I was browsing my shiny new copy of Best Scottish Weddings (my favourite wedding mag, the excitement when I saw it in WH Smith was shameful) and came across some stuff about Hair and Make-up.  Now, my planning of hair and make-up so far has been something along these lines – “I don’t want my hair up. ” At no point have I considered the logistics of getting it done. So, I turned to the trusty internet and came across loads of suppliers I don’t like the look of, and only one that I really liked. Reasonable prices, good portfolio and a two-person team. Perfect. So, after a day of convincing myself that it’s not too early to enquire, I sent them an email. They are booked.

I’ve spent the last month telling people I’ve got loads of time and don’t really have any wedding planning to do just now. Apparently, I’m wrong.


3 Responses to “Curse of the organised bride”

  1. Ah thats rubbish – there is always someone more organised! It was the same with the first photographer we spoke too, more than a year in advance!

  2. Boo, Oh well you have got plenty of time to find an alternative. It is annoying when that happens though.

  3. Bugger.

    It’s never too early to enquire. It may seem a little crazy but early bird and all that!

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