Overdue update


I haven’t blogged much recently, for several reasons, but I have maintained my addiction to reading blogs. Damn you, Google Reader, for hampering my productivity. The main reason for the lack of blog activity is something that I can’t yet write about (mysterious!), but has kept me distracted from all things wedding for a week or so. The second reason is that there just isn’t any wedding planning going on.

However, IB and I have finally come to an agreement on a stationery “idea”. It’s not yet a design, just a theme I suppose.

For some strange and inexplicable reason, I have been more excited about stationery than any other element of this wedding. Even dresses. IB thinks I’m weird, and when he asks me what I’m most looking forward to planning, he never seems to quite believe my answer!

Anyway, despite me bookmarking literally HUNDREDS of designs I like and subjecting IB to dozens of websites, we’ve finally found something we both love. I’m not letting the cat out of the bag yet, all will be revealed. However, here are some of my other favourites.

1 – Poster by Elum Designs,  2 – Featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper,  3 – Casual Stylish Heart by Hello Lucky

So, now I need to find a photoshop type programme and try to remember long forgotten image editing skills.

And in other news

  • I’ve discovered that Polmadie Car Boot Sale is not the way to raise extra wedding cash
  • The dress I love will now be in the shop at the end of May for me to try on – eeek!
  • I have come to the conclusion that I should stop experimenting with baking things that I’ve never even eaten before. How do you know if Macarons are good or not?!

5 Responses to “Overdue update”

  1. Sounds good! Photoshop Elements is actually ok to use.

    I use normal Photoshop at work all the time but have the elements at home and it can do lots of the same stuff.

  2. Can’t believe you are already thinking about invitations you are totally putting me to shame. Invitations are our next big project! Congratulations on the mysterious thing. x

  3. Oh stationery, I love thee. My love affair with stationery started far before I even realised dresses were pretty!

    • Another stationery fan! I’ve just had the funniest conversation with a guy at work who can’t understand why I don’t just buy invitations from a shop, because they are “fine” and my way is “hassle”. Some people don’t get it.

  4. Ooh to the stationery… but I’m grinning wildly at your ‘other news’ list… especially the baking things you’ve never eaten! brilliant! 😉

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