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So, one week of weightwatchers and I have: • NOT had any chocolate, crisps, red bull, vanilla latte, cake, cheese or takeaways • eaten lots of fruit, veg, weightwatchers bread and cereal • drank litres and litres of water • gone to the gym and walked at least 2 miles each day And have I […]

A few weeks ago IB and I discussed whether our wedding would change if we won the lottery. (This is in addition to my regular searches on Rightmove for the house I will buy WHEN I win the lottery. Nothing like a bit of optimism). We came to the conclusion that certain things about the […]

All change


So today is my last day at work before starting my shiny new job on Monday. As much as I’m looking forward to the change, I’m also sad. I moved to Glasgow specifically for this job, and almost all of my Glasgow friends are people I’ve met through work. I’m hoping that the friendships will […]

Right. I’m kidding myself with this nonsensical, half-hearted approach to losing weight and getting fit. My wedding is in 14 months. That is not a long time. It’s time to get serious. Weightwatchers – 7pm tonight. I’m scared.

This is me on a bouncy castle at my 21st Birthday Party which was held on a children’s farm. (I’m going to risk a little of my anonymity with this picture, but anyone I know who is likely to come across my blog and recognise me, already knows about it.) I love bouncy castles. IB […]

Why do I do it to myself.? Have stupidly decided to have a  Tex-Mex Party tonight for IB’s lovely colleagues. No occasion, just a ridiculous desire to entertain. As usual, I got a little carried away with the menu and that will almost certainly lead to tantrums and possibly tears. There is a good chance that […]

I may have mentioned this already, but I decided it was time for a blog post explaining The Ireland Party. IB has a pretty huge extended family (the last family wedding we attended had 300 guests!) plus loads of friends in Ireland’s South East, so right from the start of wedding planning we decided to […]

I’ve been weaning myself off wedding forums. At first, I found them useful to find supplier recommendations and for satisfying my craving for snippets of information about my venue. However, they are often just not nice places to be.  Brides are actually mean to each other! But, despite my reservations, I posted on a forum looking […]



I just googled what will be my married name. I was a bit bemused to discover that I will share it with a girl who is very active in reviewing computer games and uses pooh analogies to compare the games! On the plus side, there seems to be fewer people with the new name. Any […]



Cakes and Bunting and I seem to have some sort of response post thing going on. She writes a post which inspires one from me and vice versa! Her straightening out post has made me think about how honest I am about my wedding likes and dislikes, both in the real world and in the […]