The great glass milk bottle hunt


Help required!

I grew up on a dairy farm and as we’re trying to make as much of our wedding have some significance I would really love to have flowers on the tables in glass milk bottles. Which sounds simple, but I can’t find any dairy who still supplies milk in glass bottles! I could buy individual collectible bottles on Ebay, but I really just want 50 standard glass milk bottles and I’d prefer to be able to give them back to a dairy or milk man afterwards. (I also don’t want to spend too much).

So does anyone know of any dairies who still supply milk in glass bottles? I’ve trawled Google but only seem to find debates on the glass versus plastic issue.

Here’s some pics for inspiration.

Peonies in a Milk Bottle

1 – Vintage Milk Bottle Vase from Traditional Flower Company

2 – Milk Bottle Carafe from Three Potato Four

And, while I’m on the subject of dairy products, how gorgeous is this set? I should point out that I have never had any desire to own a milk jug, nor do I have people over for tea (unless it’s the alcoholic iced variety), but I want this set a LOT. Yet another thing on the “when we own a house and have space for belongings” list.

Ceramic Set from Not On The High Street


5 Responses to “The great glass milk bottle hunt”

  1. Have you tried emailing Graham’s dairy near Stirling to ask if they could supply? Or you could contact Arla Dairies they have a big plant in Leeds and I could get my parents to pick up the bottles for you or I could get them next time we are down there. First Milk are also based in Scotland and they are a co-op so may know of some smaller dairies who could help? Other option although you might have tried it is to try googling milk men? I don’t even know if they still exist and ask for local dairies or googling dairy farms?

  2. Found this website but not sure about it………..

    • Thanks! Have emailed Wisemans, Graham’s and Arla so fingers crossed they can help. My parents are also putting out the feelers in the dairy industry, so I should find some somewhere! If there are milkmen, then they aren’t very prominent on the internet!

      • Let me know how you get on and if I can help. I looked at for my area and only came up with dairies – hopefully they will be able to come up with something for you. Fingers crossed x

  3. 5 mysparethoughts

    How is the milk bottle hunt going? I was at my parent’s house this weekend and they actually still get glass milk bottles from their milk man, who supplies Dairy Crest bottles. So if you haven’t found anything yet I could get them to ask their milk man. x

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