Hobby time


Oh no. It’s happened. The thing I was dreading.

I am “that” girl. The girl who can’t talk about anything else but her wedding. I was wary of this, and have tried so hard not to let it take over.

But this morning when I arrived at work after the Bank Holiday weekend and was catching up with colleagues, I found myself sitting there racking my brains for something to tell them about the wedding. Not about the long weekend where IB and I saw Kick Ass, went to the Museum of Transport, had drinks with friends, cooked a mexican feast or just generally chilled out. No, I was desperate to say something, anything about the wedding.

The worst thing is that IB and I barely even talked about the wedding all weekend, other than running over the budget again. There is no wedding chat. So I said nothing.

I need a hobby.


One Response to “Hobby time”

  1. I’m still searching for my personality!

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