Grumpy McGrumpyson


My new job really can’t come soon enough.

I’ve never left a job in this way because I was made redundant from my last company, so following a resignation with a months work is new to me. And not only is it very strange, it’s also unbelievably frustrating. I have a unique role within the company and preparing a manual for my replacement is tough. I keep finding pieces of work that I proposed which I was proud of, but which never saw the light of day due to other people’s outdated ideas. The lack of progress is quite depressing and I’m convinced that that the replacement will think I was useless!

In addition to this, my boss began advertising for my replacement yesterday. Not only do they plan to replace me with someone who has only one years experience (compared to my 7), but they have changed the job title to a more senior one. I know that job titles are often just meaningless ego boosts, but I’ve really struggled to be taken seriously because my title doesn’t reflect what I do.

12 working days to go. I can make it.

I obviously need to cheer up, so I’ve just made a batch of cupcakes with whipped caramel ganache icing for a colleagues birthday. Baking makes me happy, but the tempation to destroy the diet is strong!


2 Responses to “Grumpy McGrumpyson”

  1. Yes to new challenges and recognition. Feel free to send some yumminess down south!!

    • Oh Anna, they are all gone and were so tasty. If I could get them safely to you I would; I love baking, but have the unfortunate problem of having to eat my own produce. Even I get sick of whipped caramel ganache eventually.

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