The wedding I’m not having


I was never the little girl who dreamed of weddings and big, white dresses. I climbed trees, paddled in streams and got in trouble for playing in the hay shed. In fact, weddings rarely featured on my radar at all (other than a small blip aged 8 when I was a bridesmaid for my Auntie).

When I was at Uni, I worked part time as a web designer for a small local company. Our biggest client was Comlongon Castle, a gorgeous local  wedding venue. Couples are married in the medieval Great Hall, followed by a reception in the newer Jacobean Manor House. The surrounding grounds are breathtaking.

After my first client meeting at the Castle, I was well and truly in love. I didn’t care who or when I married, but I was getting married at Comlongon Castle and I’d have a Ceilidh, Celtic Blessing and Fireworks.

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Isn’t it funny how things change? I still love Comlongon Castle (and my Uncle owns the farm next door so I often have to drive past) but it wouldn’t be  feasible to hold our wedding there so it wasn’t even up for discussion.

And do you know what? I don’t even care. It’s far more important that all of our family and friends can easily get to our wedding, which is why we’re having it in a city, with easy access from airports and train stations. It also makes the logistics an awful lot easier. I’m unbelievably excited about our church and reception venue choices, but if IB and I ever have a celeb-style vow renewal, Comlongon will be my first port of call.

Other things I once thought would feature in my wedding plans (gathered from the last 3 years of attending weddings) –

–          Wine-red colour scheme (now purple)
–          My sister and 5 friends as bridesmaids (now my sister and IB’s two sisters)
–          A DJ (we’re having a band)
–          Flower girls (too many to choose from so having none)
–          Modern bouquets with nothing but roses and diamante pins (rustic hand tie’s all the way)
–          Wedding cake made by me (who am I kidding? Hello, is that M & S?)

Have your previous wedding plans changed once you started actually planning?


2 Responses to “The wedding I’m not having”

  1. This is a great post – but I wrote such a long reply that I realised it would take up too much comment space! I turned it into a blog post in response…

  2. the biggest change has been the size of the wedding I had always imagined it’d just be the two of us with our parents and we’d go for a nice meal afterwards. Humph then O decided he wanted his siblings along and some friends and it grew arms and legs.

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