My bridesmaids are going to be my little sister, and IB’s two younger sisters. However, this poses a slight problem. IB’s sisters are currently travelling in Australia and aren’t planning on returning to Ireland until a month before the wedding.

At first, I thought about trying to find dresses which were available in the UK and in Australia so that the girls could at least try them on. But then, after looking at numerous real wedding pictures on various blogs, I realised that the ones I prefer are those where the bridesmaids are either wearing all different colours, or different dresses in the same colour.

Image from Once Wed

I’m just not a matchy-matchy person, I have a strange dislike for anything that is too regular, symmetrical or completely colour co-ordinated. Plus, IB’s sisters are identical twins and I was worried that if they all wore the same dress my sister might have looked like the odd one out.

So, that solved at least one problem, but I still had to find suitable dresses. Step forward Styleshake. If you haven’t yet played with this website, you should check it out. It allows you to design dresses completely from scratch using various colours, styles and fabrics. It’s takes a bit of getting used to as you have to experiment with different elements to work out how things fit together, but so much fun! (I sound like I work for Styleshake, sadly, that’s not the case.)

My bridesmaids all love the idea of wearing exactly what they want and having a dress they can wear again so everyone’s happy! We’re not ordering them until next year, but I have lost hours whilst playing with combinations on Styleshake. Here’s some of my favourites.

I’m considering wearing something like the third one for our Ireland Party.


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  1. I heart style shake and have spent many an hour playing. Yet to buy but love nonetheless!

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