Wedding forum insights


I’ve been weaning myself off wedding forums. At first, I found them useful to find supplier recommendations and for satisfying my craving for snippets of information about my venue. However, they are often just not nice places to be.  Brides are actually mean to each other!

But, despite my reservations, I posted on a forum looking for suggestions on Irish traditions we could include in our day. 5 people (on an Irish forum!) responded telling me that the only tradition they knew was that people drank a lot at Irish weddings.

I look forward to that conversation with the in-laws – “Mr and Mrs IB, I hear that heavy drinking is tradition at Irish weddings. So we’ll hold some Scotland v. Ireland drinking games.”

I think I’ll stick with Irish music, readings, lavender in the bouquet and a plait in my hair.

Sadly, it’s not practical for IB and I to lock ourselves away for a month, drink mead and make babies. So mi na meala is also out.


3 Responses to “Wedding forum insights”

  1. Scary and bitchy were my insights. I never felt I could ask a question without fear!

  2. I once asked a question for local recommendations and was told to do a google search. Stopped after that, all the self congratulation and bitchyness put me off. Would love to hear more about Irish wedding traditions if you find any.

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