The Ireland Party


I may have mentioned this already, but I decided it was time for a blog post explaining The Ireland Party.

IB has a pretty huge extended family (the last family wedding we attended had 300 guests!) plus loads of friends in Ireland’s South East, so right from the start of wedding planning we decided to have a second celebration over there. It means people can choose which celebration to come to and we hope our guests will feel less pressured to spend a lot of money on travelling over for the main wedding.

It’s been christened The Ireland Party, because planning one wedding is more than enough stress, so it’s just going to be a laid back and casual affair (a bit like a 21st birthday party). There won’t be any cake cutting, speeches or first dances, but hopefully there will be lots of fun, good food and laughter.

In my head, I’m imagining a garden or beach party with a barbeque and summer punch where I can wear a cute and floaty white dress and go barefoot. I doubt we’ll find a suitable venue for that though!

We haven’t really done much about arranging the party yet, other then briefly looking for venues and caterers online. But what I really love about having 2 receptions, other than the 2nd dress, is that all of the DIY ideas I rule out for the main wedding can be reconsidered for the second. Like bunting!

P.S I actually wrote and scheduled this post a while ago, but have since discovered This Little Journey. I have so much  respect for Miss C who is planning an actual wedding in Ireland. From Australia.


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