Welcome to Texico


Why do I do it to myself.? Have stupidly decided to have a  Tex-Mex Party tonight for IB’s lovely colleagues. No occasion, just a ridiculous desire to entertain.

As usual, I got a little carried away with the menu and that will almost certainly lead to tantrums and possibly tears. There is a good chance that poor IB will be shouted at. Probably for leaving the toilet seat up when Guests Are Coming or for not realising that I need help (obviously I can’t ASK for help, that would ruin the breezy and carefree hostess act I’ll be trying to keep up).

And why did I think it was necessary to make ribs, quesadillas, bean chilli, loaded potato skins, frozen margharita shots, pulled pork wraps AND chocolate tarts? One or two items would have been enough surely?


3 Responses to “Welcome to Texico”

  1. 1 Rebecca

    oh good luck, can I come? i know to ask for help, as you’ve just told me, and we can look like carefree housewives togther, even when we’re not! ( i mainly just love your menu!)

  2. Umm yummers! I hope it was fabulous!

    • Food went down well, almost everything disappeared and I think I pulled off the carefree hostess act (purely because I was organised for once!). We’ve also accumulated a lot of wine and tequila, which could be dangerous.

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