To bounce or not to bounce?


This is me on a bouncy castle at my 21st Birthday Party which was held on a children’s farm. (I’m going to risk a little of my anonymity with this picture, but anyone I know who is likely to come across my blog and recognise me, already knows about it.)

I love bouncy castles.

IB is not so sure.

I just like the silliness of them, and the reminder of a time where things were simple and no-one considered the dangers of over-enthusiastic bouncing causing head knocks.

One of my early venue-hunting criteria was outdoor space for a bouncy castle. Our venue does allow this, and we’ve researched suppliers, but now we’re not sure if we should do it.


Great photo opportunities
Will keep the 15 kids (and me) occupied between ceremony and meal
Fits with the fun theme
Have I mentioned that I heart bouncy castles?


Risk of sickness, accidents and a ripped wedding dress
Parents feeling obliged to supervise
Overkill of the fun theme? (IB doesn’t want the wedding to be a circus)

(I’ll admit it, a little part of me just wants to rebel against all the people who do the pursed lips and raised eyebrows thing when I mention the bouncy castle idea).

We  just can’t decide, so I’m going to run my very first blog poll. What do you all think?


9 Responses to “To bounce or not to bounce?”

  1. Always choose the bouncy castle! So you rip your dress, big deal! I’m sure parents will be on the castle too!

    Yes, yes, yes!

    P.S. It’s not a focal point, it’s just part of the fun!

    • That’s definitely the response I was looking for Anna! I feel the same about the dress, if it gets dirty and wrecked then I’ve had a good time!

  2. 3 mysparethoughts

    oh you MUST bounce that would be incredible. Phooey to all the boring disapproving folk I bet they’ll be on the bouncy castle by the end of the night.

  3. 4 Lindsay Docherty

    Bouncy castles are amazing fun and after a few glasses of bubbly even the grannys will want a go!

  4. 5 A. Bell With Vintage Lace

    GO FOR IT!!!!!! Like i said on my twitter (in reply to your comment), you can always get another outfit for the reception. Guests will love it and youll have so much fun!

    DO IT!!!! People might be a little shy at first but they will get one drink in them and tackle the castle!!! It will make for a fantastic photo op so make sure you keep your photog there for a while!

  5. Oh and I wanted to add, hello there pretty lady – could I have your hair please. Not fair that it is so shiney and neat after you’ve been on a bouncy castle!

    • If only my hair was still like that, those were the days before I destroyed it with bleach and GHD’s. Damn my peer pressure obsession with poker straight locks.

  6. Love love love the bouncy castle idea! That would be so much fun 🙂 Just hold your skirt up so you don’t bounce on it I say… will make for brill pics!

    You look so cute in your pic too! 🙂

  7. 9 karen

    Definitely go with the bouncy castle, bouncy castles are great for this type of event, the kids and the adults will love it

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