Enough’s enough


Right. I’m kidding myself with this nonsensical, half-hearted approach to losing weight and getting fit. My wedding is in 14 months. That is not a long time.

It’s time to get serious.

Weightwatchers – 7pm tonight. I’m scared.


9 Responses to “Enough’s enough”

  1. 1 claire

    Good for you love! Shame you’re not doing Slimming World, we could have shared tips…

    Once you have got the hang of it you’ll find it’s one less thing to worry about

  2. Hope it went well and the diet police weren’t too scary.

  3. Can we do this together, whether it be SW or WW?

  4. We can absolutely do this together!

    How did the WW go love?

    • WW was fine, done it plenty of times before so following it isn’t a problem. It’s the motivation to stick at it that I have issues with!

      The lady running the class is hilarious, so the entertainment value might be enough to make me stay for the full class.

  5. Do you find it easy? I’ve never done WW but Slimming World is insanely easy – most food is free so it suits a hungry bugger like me!

    • It’s a lot easier now, because the Monthly Pass thing gives you access to all the online tools and trackers. So you don’t really need to work out the points manually. There are a lot of free vegetables, so I’m trying to fill up on those and eat fewer carbs. (She says having just munched a slice of toast).

      I think my strategy has to be strict diet plus lots of exercise. Desperate times….

  6. It’s not desperate times love. It’s just something you’re doing; a new way of eating and as long as you’re following it you can think of it as one less thing to worry about – as something that is almost sorting itself out while you get on with the rest of your life!

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