All change


So today is my last day at work before starting my shiny new job on Monday.

As much as I’m looking forward to the change, I’m also sad. I moved to Glasgow specifically for this job, and almost all of my Glasgow friends are people I’ve met through work. I’m hoping that the friendships will remain, and maybe be better because there will be less bitching about work!

I’m really going to miss pizza hut buffets, lunchbreak shopping sessions, tea and toast at 10am, payday nights out, internet freedom and the desk where no-one can see my screen. I’m not going to miss stupid targets and a lack of progress!

I’ve got new day nerves, it feels like I’m starting a new school on Monday (I did that twice and it’s not pleasant!). I think a new outfit will make me feel better.


3 Responses to “All change”

  1. 1 rebecca

    good luck! its scary but by midday you’ll be going swimmingly, have a wonderful time 🙂

  2. Hope today went well and you got a good send off. Good luck for Monday.

    I need to know any new outfit details!!

  3. 3 Gaynor

    Hope your first day went well; I totally had the same first day nerves last tues!

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