Lottery Win Wedding


A few weeks ago IB and I discussed whether our wedding would change if we won the lottery. (This is in addition to my regular searches on Rightmove for the house I will buy WHEN I win the lottery. Nothing like a bit of optimism).

We came to the conclusion that certain things about the wedding would change, but not the date or venues, which I think shows how happy we are with our choices.

Things we would do differently –

  • Book out a nice hotel and pay for all the guests accommodation (and maybe travel)
  • Have custom made letterpress stationery
  • Have a free bar
  • Have a hog roast (which we may still have, but only if the cost is within budget)
  • More flowers than the Chelsea Flower Show
  • Stay in a suite at One Devonshire Gardens or Blythswood Square on the night of the wedding
  • Book an ice cream cart
  • Go on honeymoon straight away rather than waiting for a few months to save

And personally, I would hire a huge villa somewhere hot and pay for all my friends to go away for a hen weekend. Travelling first class of course!

I think it’s reassuring that the general tone of the day and the people involved aren’t affected by the cost. The biggest thing we would change is mainly to make attending the wedding a bit easier for our guests.

Is there anything you would do differently if money was no object?


4 Responses to “Lottery Win Wedding”

  1. That is quite freaky I was having exactly the same thought yesterday or the day before they are all merging. I couldn’t sleep and one of my favourite daydreams is what I would do if we won the lottery. I started thinking about the wedding and I’m like you I wouldn’t change very much at all. The only thing I can think of would be I might get my Suzanne Neville dress which I still yearn for and Emmy shoes. I would also pay for our guests accommodation.

    Seriously jealous of the hog-roast. Why oh why oh why am I marrying a vegetarian?

    • Great minds!

      I believe it means that we are planning the right wedding! And the hog roast thing is a slight bone of contention- it was my top venue criteria and our venue offers it but it is expensive. It’s also not the most popular wedding idea we’ve had (although many people love it).

  2. Hog roast was our starting point. I asked bf what he wanted from a wedding. His answer? Hog roast and ale. So that was non-negotiable. Why not start a hog roast pot? Put all your spare chance in a jar every Friday and that goes on the hog roast…

    What would change for our wedding? I would like to pay for people’s accomodation too, and for my gal’s dresses. But the main difference: more booze, more fireworks. But mostly more booze. Maybe more cheese too. But mostly more booze.

  3. I often have such thoughts. I may change venue to somewhere slightly more grand but most things would stay the same.

    It does not help that Bean reads internet sites such as Forbes etc!

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