Stupid stupid week


So, one week of weightwatchers and I have:

• NOT had any chocolate, crisps, red bull, vanilla latte, cake, cheese or takeaways
• eaten lots of fruit, veg, weightwatchers bread and cereal
• drank litres and litres of water
• gone to the gym and walked at least 2 miles each day

And have I lost as much as one measly pound? No, I haven’t. Stupid weightwatchers, stupid scales and STUPID PCOS making it harder to lose weight.

If I’d known I wasn’t going to lose any weight, I’d have at least tried to enjoy the week.

So i came home in a strop, had a rant at IB and insisted that the wedding will be put back unless I can start losing weight. I’m not sure I wasn’t being serious.


5 Responses to “Stupid stupid week”

  1. That’s not so fun 😦 I’m sure it takes more than a week for these things to kick in… plus muscle is heavier than fat so if you’ve been gyming and walking that might explain the lack of weight change. I’m sure you’ll get there though x

  2. DON’T get downhearted. When I started Slimming World, I only lost a tiny bit in my first week – and then I think only like 2.5lbs in my first month, while others were dropping half a stone. But now I’ve lost almost a stone and a half.

    Whenever we say at group ‘I don’t know what it is, I’ve done everything right’; the group leader reminds us that there must be something we’re not realising or remembering, or that we’ve got complacent somewhere. I’m not saying that’s the case, but it’s worth making sure you’re writing everything down and weighing and measuring just to be super-sure.

    I’m not just saying this because I do Slimming World, but maybe you’re so used to WW a change would be good – a different plan/way of approaching it. I do love SW, it really is so easy and enjoyable and stress-free.

    But don’t get downhearted, love.

  3. Hugs, keep going it will get better. x

  4. You are doing amazingly well in attitude. Please let’s moan and motivate together!

  5. 5 Gaynor

    Some times the weeks are just like that; it does get better & easier I promise and I still use my ww recipes almost 16 months after I started going to meetings. x

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