Busy Times


I’ve had a busy week, and haven’t had the chance (nor the internet access) to blog properly. Writing blog posts on an iphone with man-fingers isn’t the most fun I’ve ever had. I have been reading blogs, but haven’t been able to comment on most of them.

Quick round up of the last week or so.

Last Friday – Finished my old job, lovely speech from ex-boss and fab gifts including cake tins, recipe books and a gorgeous cherry purse.

Last weekend – girly brunch, rummaging round vintage shops, gym and mentally preparing for Scary New Job.

Monday – first day of Scary New Job, which is not actually Scary. Nice colleagues who will take me seriously, great career prospects, lovely boss but very hard work. Also, a lot less internet access/freedom than I am used to, which I’m finding difficult!

Monday evening – met a lovely florist (who I won’t reveal until the deal is done) who has amazing ideas. Bit early for florist meetings but I couldn’t stop myself once I’d found this one. Currently waiting for a quote just now and trying to figure out how to increase my flowers budget. I NEED this supplier. I would also quite like her beautiful home.

Wednesday – stupid weightwatchers. I slightly regret my ranty blog post. I’m only motivated by results so trying hard to get my WW mojo back.

Thursday – Cinema to see The Joneses with the girls from old job – realise how much I miss the chat.

Friday – Leaving night from old job turned into a reunion with lots of ex-colleagues coming along. Drank more vodka, tequila and French Martini’s than I had intended, felt old in Kushion, got felt UP in Kushion (honestly, teenage boys need to learn to take a hint – after the fifth time I was feeling intimidated and having very violent thoughts), ate naughty-but-oh-so-good food from the chip shop then went home to annoy IB.

Saturday – recovered from nasty hangover and worked at the Whitney Houston concert. Poor Whitney. Now have an unhealthy urge to watch The Bodyguard.

Sunday – Lazy lie in, finally caught up on Glee and cinema with IB.

Looking forward to things being a bit less eventful this week so I can catch up on life.

P.S For the next wee while my blog posts are going to be pre-written and scheduled, so apologies if they aren’t very timely.


2 Responses to “Busy Times”

  1. Glad that the new job isn’t so scary. Busy busy times for us all.

  2. Yay for the new job. I fear Whitney has rather ruined her voice. I adore the bodyguard!

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