New car and party


Yesterday, we got letter from the dealership where we bought our car. They are offering to let us trade the car in a year earlier than planned, and get a brand new car for the same monthly payment. Since we were planning to buy the same car again anyway, we went to see them today and left half an hour later having bought a slightly better model! We are a salesman’s dream.

And, in wedding related news, our post-wedding Ireland party is now booked! IB’s parents went to the venue today and confirmed the date. It’s going to be here – Courtyard – in the function room which leads out onto a garden (I might get my BBQ after all!). We’re having it on the 2nd July 2010, a week after the wedding.

Finally, thanks for all the lovely comments on my Name Change post – I was a bit nervous about putting my family story out there!


3 Responses to “New car and party”

  1. 1 Gaynor

    Glad you got your Ireland party booked; nice car too!

  2. 2 mysparethoughts

    Eeek, how can you do that? We are a salesman’s nightmare we dither and shop around endlessly.

    • I am normally a dither-er too, but as we had already planned to buy the same car again it was a simple decision – car with gadgets or car without!

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