Life is a bit crazy at the moment, I feel like I’m playing catch up most of the time. I’m settling in well at the new job, but the earlier mornings are taking a bit of getting used to and requiring me to be more organised than normal! I also hadn’t considered that not seeing my friends at work would mean making time to see them outside of work (obviously, this is a very good thing, but I’m feeling a bit busy!).

Another upside is that I’m enjoying down time a lot more and I’m a bit more content to just do nothing every now and again.

In other news, I’ve found a florist I love and I’m just trying to re-jig the budget slightly to get what I want! Hopefully all will be revealed very soon, I’m very excited with the flower plans.

And finally, a little blog-land observation. I’m still quite new to this, but sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed at just how nice some of you are. I’m not sure that some of my friends would think to look out for milk bottles for me, so a huge thanks to the lovely and super-thoughtful My Spare Thoughts. (I have found a local shop who sell milk in glass bottles, so we’re planning on buying our milk there for a while)


One Response to “Catch-up”

  1. Magic, I’m glad you’ve got the milk bottles sorted. Enjoy your down time. Oh and I want to hear all about the florist – I love it when you find people you really connect with, will make re-jigging the budget worthwhile.

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