WW debacle


This weight loss malarky isn’t a lot of fun. After my first disastrous week of Weight Watchers, I just couldn’t stay motivated (I’m a motivated by results girl) to diet, although the gym is going well. So, to Slimming World I go. (the wedding isn’t getting any further away while my bum is staying the same size. Desperate times and all that)

And for a bit of motivation, here’s where I am now (size 18-20 at a friends wedding last year):

And this is where I want to be (size 12-14 aged 20):


4 Responses to “WW debacle”

  1. 1 claire

    Goodness. You are so brave posting photos (I don’t know if there even exist photos of my backside that I haven’t destroyed).

    I feel we may be on a similar journey here – I’m also a 20 and hoping to be a 12. I wonder if I can share my photos with you somehow (I don’t want to post them on my blog as I’m rather too anonymous for now) but perhaps we could talk on email or something.

    WW or SW, you are taking an important step and we’re all here to support you. But you know you’ll be gorgeous, whatever size you are on your wedding day.


  2. With claire on the posting a pic of you from behind… very brave! (I recently got emailed a bunch of photos from my hike by a fellow hiker and one of them is of me from behind… it was certainly an angle of me that I could have lived without seeing!!)

    Anyway, I’m also seconding claire that whatever size you’ll be, I’m sure you’ll look lovely on your day! But good luck and you know us blog-lot are good for a bit of moral support and motivation.

    P.S. Love your gorgeous hair in the first pic!

  3. Ha ha, brave or stupid?! To be honest, of all my body hang ups, my bum is the one I worry about least. It’s really not that bad, in comparison to my waist, which is what is making my ass look so huge in the purple dress! (The dress is quite tight from the bust to the waist, then the holding-in magic stops and all flab breaks loose).

  4. 4 Gaynor

    I hope slimming world is better for you.

    I’m with the other girls in saying that we blog girls are here for you; i know how hard and how long it takes so let me know if you have any questions.

    Agree with the brave picture posting too and also agree that you will look fabulous on your wedding day whatever size. To motivate me I posted my starting weight on my blog so i could document the whole journey.

    Good luck with it all x

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