Of all things to get hung up on, fonts could be the most ridiculous so far in wedding planning.

I’m trying to find a font to use on all of our wedding stationery, including the save the dates that we are hoping to send out in July. I’ve narrowed it down to the following 11 fonts, but we just can’t decide. I need something pretty that tells our guests that the wedding will be fun, modern and informal. I like modern calligraphy and script, but with a twist.

Any favourites? Or any new font suggestions? (I don’t mind paying for the right font).

(P.S Number 11 is my favourite, although IB isn’t so keen. It looks a bit rubbish with the example above, because of the B’s, but our real names don’t contain any B’s)


9 Responses to “Fonts”

  1. 1 Kiara

    One of my favs is the today font I think it might be your no. 1 or at least similar to it and I like your no. 10 as well. Finding your perfect font is hard work, I’ve looked at dozens and still can’t decide.

    • Thanks for the feedback Kiara! I love that Today font, really funky.

      P.S I’ve been reading your blog, it’s fab. I am so jealous of your venue, I found it when I was looking for a venue and thought it was amazing. I’ve been trying to comment on some of your posts but it won’t let me!

      • 3 Kiara

        Cheers, I’m an eijit and hadn’t realised my comment settings were off so thanks for letting me know, hope you decide on a font.

  2. 4 rebecca

    personally, I like 4, and 7the best, just the right amount of classic, with a twist. would it be incredibly cheeky to ask if those were free or paying ones? I know what you mean about the B’s in the last one, they’re like an arabic letter. a bit too out there for me personally, but very nice nonetheless.

  3. I think 6 or 7 are my favourites although 9 is nice too. I think it is mainly the Bs that are putting me off 11 so if your names don’t contain Bs. But then think about your guests names will they be in a different font?

  4. 8 claire

    6, 7 and 11. Does that help? I don’t think the B issue with 11 is a deal breaker. They are distinctive and you couldn’t mistake them for anything else!

  5. 9 Gaynor

    I think I like 6 or 7 the best too!

    It took me a while to find a font too; but in the end just went with a standard one – Papyrus.

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