Big day many ways?


I’ve been thinking recently about the whole idea of “Our day, our way” and whether or not there is only one way.

I should be clear: I LOVE our wedding plans. I can’t wait for the day and to see how things come together. I can’t wait to see what our loved ones think of the day.I’m certainly not hankering after a different wedding.

But, I’d be equally happy if we had decided to have:

Tents and hay bales

A fairytale castle wedding*

A wedding weekend in a youth hostel

So, does this mean I’m easily pleased? I think we are having the wedding that best suits our requirements, our guests needs and our dreams. With slightly different circumstances, I’m positive we’d have come up with an equally suitable plan.

How do you feel about your day? Is it the only type of wedding you could see yourself having?

* Any castle would do, but I still have a bit of a Monarch of the Glen obsession.

3 Responses to “Big day many ways?”

  1. 1 Gaynor

    Emm I think our wedding was always the type of wedding we wanted and Im so glad we did it that way. Dont think there was another way we could have done it.

  2. Oh Monarch of the Glen. I loved it too!

    I agree I could organise many different weddings. Although I’m trying to incorporate as many details as possible.

    I’m fickle and find it hard to pin down one style I love. That’s my problem!

  3. 3 mysparethoughts

    I’m sure I could do things differently but then I might need a different man and a different family which I wouldn’t be so keen on.

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