Hair trauma


OK, this is a bridezilla post. I’ve not written it yet and I already feel a bit ashamed.

I’ve lived in Glasgow for 3 and a bit years and have never found a hairdresser I liked.  I needed to find someone to do my wedding hair who I was comfortable with and as my hair was in need of some TLC, I visited a local salon and met a stylist who I really, really liked. We looked through various pictures and they seemed to completely get what I want (and don’t want) for the wedding (long waves/curls).


I made an appointment and went off to get my hair cut after work tonight. We talked about what I needed – a cut that would retain the length for the wedding but would be a little easier day to day. The hairdresser suggested some layers and I made it clear I didn’t want anything too short.

So why am I now sitting at home, puffy eyed from sobbing, with layers no longer than my ears? It is a lovely cut, it really is. In normal circumstances I would be thrilled at my swish new hair do that has texture and shape. But hair grows at about half an inch a month. 6 inches in a year (minus a little bit for trims) is not going to give me the long and loose curls I so wanted. The stylist also blow dried it curly, to give me an idea of how it would be on the day. The other staff were gushing over me telling me I looked glam. I don’t do  glam, I want natural and relaxed. I’m definitely not going for Cheryl Cole circa 1976 with extra volume. (Think old english sheep dog on top).


I came home, I cried, I brushed out the flicks and straightened the volumised short bits. It looks ok. I warned IB not to say that it would grow. I phoned home for some mummy-sympathy. She suggested that I would just have to find another style or put my hair up and pushed me over the bridezilla cliff edge.

My hair is the ONLY thing I actually like about how I look. Am I really being so unreasonable to be upset that my hair won’t be how I want it?

P.S Yes, I paid for it and said it was lovely. I was in shock.

P.P.S There are far worse things to happen and it will not ruin the wedding. I know I am pathetic.

P.P.P.S Obviously, I am having doubts about using the same stylist on the day. I still like the stylist and the cut is good. I’m very bad at communicating what I want to hairdressers, always have been, but never with such disastrous results.


7 Responses to “Hair trauma”

  1. 1 Gaynor

    Oooooh no, I hate when the dont listen!!!!

    But you are right, it wont ruin the wedding but I too would be dissapointed if I couldnt get what I had wanted and I would be a bit wary about using them for the wedding; you really want someone who will listen and do what you want.

    However, there must be some examples out there of slightly shorter waves?

    • I’ve calmed down a bit now, although there was another teary moment this morning when I realised that no matter what I do the layers just will not sit flat! You are right, there will be other styles suitable, I just know from experience that curling short layers on my hair just makes me look like a mushroom-head! Off to holland and Barrett at lunch for some hair boosting vitamins! And definitely not using the hairdresser, as good as he seemed he just doesn’t understand what I want.

  2. 3 claire

    It sounds like we have similar hair. I have just past shoulder length, with layers. I keep wanting it to grow a bit and so every time I get it cut, I explain that I just want a bit off, and could they cut the short layers around my face no higher than my mouth. And every time, they cut it up to my cheekbones – almost 2 inches shorter. EVERY TIME. Last time, I pointed it out straight away and she did that pulling down thing to prove that they weren’t that short. But they were that short and she had to admit it.

    I pretty much hate getting my hair cut. The one nice hairdresser I found in London decided to go and live in New Zealand 😦

    But you have a year to go – six inches of hair is a LOT. You will find that it reaches a length you are happy with. Get a ruler and look at how long your hair will be if it grows by that much. It is a lot. And on the day, I bet the thought ”oh I wish my hair were 1 inch longer’ I will not cross your mind once.

  3. Oh I don’t know if that’s even a bridezilla thing… I think I get like that every time I get my haircut! Hairdressers never seem to understand what you want. I used to live in Glasgow and lots of my friends are still there so I could ask who they recommend (most of them have long hair too) if you like?

    • Zoe, recommendations would be amazing. Although, no-one is going to be allowed to cut more than a quarter of an inch off my hair for at least 13 months. I’m not taking any more chances.

      • Will ask this weekend then… laughing at the 13 months… last time I got my hair cut I didn’t like it so I’ve been doing it myself (and getting the OH to help) since – mainly because I’m a total fusspot! 😉

  4. 7 mysparethoughts

    I’m quite lucky in that my hair is so long that you don’t really notice when it has been cut but I did have a trauma when a salon “trimmed” about 6 inches off my hair. I hope you have got used to the cut by now – I think you should perhaps find a new hairdresser.

    Thank you for the reminder – I need to get my pre-wedding hair cut done soon!
    Still need to come up with some styles and book a trial so I’m impressed you know what you want to look like.

    Oh and oi! Stop dissing how you look woman I’ve seen pictures you are gorgeous.

    Wow – if only I could have a consistent stream of thoughts. A friend of mine uses Lanza hair lengthening/thickening shampoo – you could perhaps give it a try?

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