My blog has been a bit depressing lately. I’m utterly ashamed of my ranty Over-considerate? post (and might delete it).It’s not like me to be so bitter about what other people want, it had just got to me a little.

It’s been a tiring month, lots of happenings and I’m exhausted. May makes me sad.

My beloved Nana died 6 years ago, in May. Her birthday was also in May and there are loads of reminders. I’m finding it particularly tough this year as I prepare to do lots of things that I had always assumed she would help with. Like dress shopping.Even after all this time, I forget and then it hits me like a ton of bricks.

So, sorry for the negative posts. More upbeat blogging soon, hopefully.


3 Responses to “May.”

  1. 1 rebecca

    hugs. its ok to be ranty, I don’t see why a blog should be a false version of yourself. you are who you are, why make these online versions of ourselves all happiness and light to please others? obviously we like the light fluffy stuff too, and writing out our feelings does give us the option to censor them somewhat which can be merciful at times (I’m writing from experience rather than specifically about you here!) but dont feel the need to censor to the point at which you dont recognise yourself.
    I’m sorry about your Nana, I always thought my Grandpa would be at my wedding too, maybe carry something of hers with you on the day or something? I know its not the same, but its nice to feel they are close to you somehow.

  2. Oh sweetheart I wish I could come and give you a huge hug.

    Your post was not ranty but honest. Also being over considerate is not a bad thing until it takes over your every thought.

    Remember your Nana and think of ways for her to be included in the celebrations.

  3. 3 Gaynor

    Massive hug {sorry im so late in commenting, must get better with doing it quicker too!}

    Its ok to be ranty, this can be stressful at times! I agree with the other girls in trying to include a way to include your Nana.

    My Granny died efore I even started going out with Graham but to include her in the day I wore the sapphire ring she left me as my something old. I got my jeweller to clean it for me and it came out lovely.

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