A weddingy weekend


IB and I are in the middle of a very wedding-y weekend.

Today, I got to try on the dress. The dress I’ve previously blogged about which I found online and haven’t been able to stop thinking about since. My two lovely friends came to Helensburgh with me and the whole way there I was terrified that I would hate it. However, as this seems to be the only sample in the whole country and the shop had to send it back to the designer on Monday, it was now or never.

It didn’t come close to fastening at the back, but I could still tell that it was perfect. Very me. (can’t say too much on here because IB doesn’t want to know anything). I tried a couple of other dresses on, but didn’t like them. So, when I start dress shopping properly in Sept/Oct at least I’ll have something to compare any other dresses. The girl in the bridal shop (Your Wedding Consultant) also very kindly offered to get the dress back from the designers later in the year so my Mum can come with me to see it.

Strangely, the first thing I wanted to do was phone IB and tell him all about it. We both want the wedding day surprise thing, but it feels so ODD to be planning something wedding related without him being involved. Not talking about it for 13 months is going to be hard!

Tomorrow, IB and I are off to Lochgilphead, via Inveraray for one night. Then, on Monday we are going to see a jeweller in Tarbert who makes the wedding ring IB wants. It’s quite early, but the shop is only open Mon-Fri, so this way we can go without taking time off work. And we get a couple of days away.

I’ve also cheered up considerably. Partly due to the long weekend, and partly because May is nearly over. IB sending me this by email helped a lot – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq83GYgC6Ac. The boy does good sometimes. He also bought me a beautiful bunch of stargazer lilies (my Nana’s favourite flowers) this week, I’m a very lucky girl.


4 Responses to “A weddingy weekend”

  1. 1 rebecca

    Glad you’re starting to feel better. I found it difficult not to tell James about the dress too, whenever I go shopping normally I would show him what i’d bought when I got home, so it feels odd for this to be different. Glad you liked the dress you went to see, have a lovely time away!

  2. Yay, how wonderful. Mmm, bank holidays!

    My weekend away last week was fabulous and I hope yours is the same. I wish I could convince my boy to go ring shopping!

  3. 3 mysparethoughts

    I hated the dress shopping bit because I couldn’t tell O. I tried to get his opinion on big skirt/fitted skirt/long/short but he was a bit useless. Glad you like the dress but i would recommend trying on more. How did the ring shopping go?

  4. I find it really weird too not being able to show the dress to fiance, every time I try it on (I’m hand adjusting so need to keep doing fit checks… ahem) I keep emerging from the spare room with a big grin on my face desperate to show him.

    Ahh Loch Gilphead, I’m from Stirling so it’s pretty local to where I grew up. When I was little my Mum and Gran used to take me there on picnics in the summer. Such lovely memories of paddling on the pebbly shore and sitting on tartan travelling rugs sandwiches and flasks of tea! 🙂

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