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So, IB and I are flat hunting. Actually, that’s not true. I’m flat hunting, IB is tolerating it and viewing properties under duress. We rent just now (as IB is on a temporary contract and we don’t know where we’ll be in 2 years) and while our flat is big and nicely furnished, we’re bursting […]



Oopsy-daisy, I appear to have accidentally bought a pair of wedding shoes. I’ve known the exact shoes I wanted for ages (ok, I admit it, pre-proposal) but assumed that I’d have to get them hand made or change my requirements. I wanted a purple version of Dorothy’s red shoes from Wizard of Oz. Buy today […]



IB emailed me a link to this video the other day. Just because. I really do love the boy.

The Big Moon IB and I have never really had a big holiday, money and time normally dictates that we go for city breaks or road trips in Ireland. So, we always knew we wanted the honeymoon to be the cliched trip of a lifetime.(Plus, we have fewer money issues now so can actually afford […]



Dear Viv (can I call you Viv?), I bow down to your fashion genius, I really do . However, I have a small colour matter to discuss with you. If you could please make the Ultragirl Bow Front Flat Shoe in Purple sometime between now and next year, I would be ever so grateful. Seriously, […]

Last week I was mostly: Trying to catch up on sleep Not losing any weight at Slimming world (but not putting any on). Discovering new places – The Hidden Lane Cafe and Gallery Getting expensive ideas about wedding day perfume after visiting Jo Malone. (is that what the Misc part of the budget is for?) […]

I fully intended for us to take our time with planning this wedding, but we’re speeding through things so fast you’d think we had nothing better to do! Last weekend, we stayed overnight in Lochgilphead (a mistake) before going to Tarbert on Monday to speak to a jeweller about IB’s wedding ring (a very good […]