last week and this week


Last week I was mostly:

  • Trying to catch up on sleep
  • Not losing any weight at Slimming world (but not putting any on).
  • Discovering new places – The Hidden Lane Cafe and Gallery
  • Getting expensive ideas about wedding day perfume after visiting Jo Malone. (is that what the Misc part of the budget is for?)
  • Eating afternoon tea with ice cream (see bullet #2)
  • Showing lovely Manchester girlies all my favourite Glasgow places and getting a tad tipsy
  • Popping my vintage virginity and buying THIS from Starry, Starry Night. Close-up. (IB, these links are not for you)

Is it really stupid to buy jewellery before the wedding dress? I couldn’t risk leaving it there and someone else buying it. If the final dress doesn’t go with it, I will sell it on. Or just keep it.

This week I would really like:

  • some sleep
  • to lose some pesky pounds (my fault, things have been too crazy to concentrate)
  • family members to stay out of hospital (please)
  • to make whoopie pies
  • to not think about Save the Dates
  • for a certain party venue to stop taking the mickey (it’s a party, NOT A WEDDING).

Oh, and I’m determined to catch up on blogs properly and might actually start commenting in a timely manner…..


2 Responses to “last week and this week”

  1. 1 Gaynor

    Gorgeous necklace, im sure you can make it work or like you say keep it anyway!

    Yay to not putting any weight on tho and the ice cream sounds fab!

    I hope you get some more sleep this week, I need to as well but instead im reading blogs! Hope there are no more hospital trips either.

  2. 2 rebecca

    not silly at all to buy jewellery, you have a lovely necklace even if it doesn’t go with the dress!
    and yes, that is totally what the ‘misc’ is for 🙂

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