Mini-moons and Big-moons


The Big Moon

IB and I have never really had a big holiday, money and time normally dictates that we go for city breaks or road trips in Ireland. So, we always knew we wanted the honeymoon to be the cliched trip of a lifetime.(Plus, we have fewer money issues now so can actually afford it!)

But what to do? Two of our very first ideas were Tanzania (followed by some relaxation time in Zanzibar) or New Zealand. The downside of the Tanzania plan is that to really do it in luxury will cost way more than my tight Scottish upbringing will allow me to justify on a fortnights holiday. Plus, as beautiful as Zanzibar looks, we are not beach fans, so it would be a bit wasted on us. Hopefully, we’ll make it there for a safari one day, but it won’t be an all-out luxury trip.

So, New Zealand is still the current favourite. The idea of a California road trip keeps sneaking in there, but I’m pretty sure NZ will win out. The plan is to go over Christmas, therefore using fewer holidays days and not getting in the way of IB’s work. We’ll probably explore North Island, see South Island if we can, then stop off somewhere exotic for some relaxation on the way home.


With such extravagant honeymoon plans, we thought we would spend some time immediately after the wedding in Ireland or Scotland. Until IB read a feature in an Irish wedding magazine about New York honeymoons.

We’ve both wanted to go to New York for a long time and we figure that there is no better time than the week between the wedding and the Ireland Party. So, that’s it settled. We now just need to argue over what to do in the 4-5 days we have there!

I’m currently more excited about the New York part than the wedding – planning a holiday is fun, planning weddings can be stressful.


4 Responses to “Mini-moons and Big-moons”

  1. All so exciting, going anywhere together will be a wonderful adventure.

  2. Sounds fab! I totally recommend Sri lanka too tho; that & the Maldives was luxury for our honeymoon!

    I love new York too; I want to go back again! Trying to convince g we could go for our 1st anniversary! X

    • I actually suggested to IB the other day that we look into Sri Lanka as our stop-over-on-the-way home destination! Will be looking out for your honeymoon recaps for ideas!

  3. Go NZ – absolutely amazing country! Road trip round it – we did it in about 6 weeks. Fantastic and a place I would def love to go back to!

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