Oopsy-daisy, I appear to have accidentally bought a pair of wedding shoes.

I’ve known the exact shoes I wanted for ages (ok, I admit it, pre-proposal) but assumed that I’d have to get them hand made or change my requirements. I wanted a purple version of Dorothy’s red shoes from Wizard of Oz.

Buy today I was going through my monthly routine of visiting shoe websites and typing “Purple” into the search box when these little beauties popped up. Pretty Shoes.

(IB, I am SO sorry. I know these links are just teasing you. I don’t mind if you peek, it’s up to you.)

And today is late night shopping, so I rushed off to town to find them. 2 shops later (by the way, House of Fraser on Sale day = unpleasant. Shoes are not supposed to be thrown on the floor) and there they were.

I know they are not the typical bridal shoe. I know that some people will make the cat’s bum face* when they see them. But, anyone who knows me will say that they are SO me. And they totally are!

*I know it’s terrible, but I quite like getting the the cat’s bum face and raised eyebrow treatment. It makes me giggle. “Purple? Purple, flat shoes? You can’t wear those”.


7 Responses to “oops”

  1. 1 rebecca

    flat shoes = WIN.

    purple = WIN.

    whats not to like?!

  2. 2 rebecca

    p.s. do you still need a font based kick up the proverbial? my emails on my blog if you do 🙂

  3. Umm, hello perfection!!!

  4. I love them; the colour is fab and they look so comfy!

  5. oooooohhhhhhh they are so pretty. I can see why you couldn’t resist.

  6. Ooooh purple sparklies – I am grinning so much! I love them!

    I own quite a few pair of dorothy heels – in red, silver, black and pink leopard print – but I hadn’t thought about sparkly ones for a wedding! Brilliant idea!!!

    And to the cat’s bum people, they’ll make that face about something anyway… at least this way you get a good laugh too!

    P.S. Thanks so much for your tweet yesterday… Thurs/Fri were really sh*tty/stressful days at work and that had taken over my brain so I’d totally forgotten that it was our un-anniversary!!! xx

  1. 1 Weddingnesday… how could I forget about the shoes? « Conversation Pieces

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