So, IB and I are flat hunting. Actually, that’s not true. I’m flat hunting, IB is tolerating it and viewing properties under duress.

We rent just now (as IB is on a temporary contract and we don’t know where we’ll be in 2 years) and while our flat is big and nicely furnished, we’re bursting out of it. There is little storage and I have a lot of “stuff”. More importantly, the kitchen is teeny-weeny, with just one small cupboard for food.

The problem is we got lucky when we found this flat. The furniture that came with it is high-quality (king sized beds and gorgeous big leather sofas) and the rooms are big. And it’s not too expensive. Flats on the market at a similar price are a bit skanky.

Last night, we viewed a terraced house (houses for non-millionaires are rare in the West End and this one even had a small patio) and it was gross. Mostly cosmetic, but the furniture was also filthy and old. They still wanted over £600 a month for it. Crazy-ass price for a house that had skid-marks in the toilet. Landlords – if you are going to charge a premium for property, it’s advisable to clean it. The poor letting agent seemed a bit embarrassed.

Anyway, watch this space. I predict we’ll still be here this time next year, but even more frustrated because the flat will also be full of wedding bits and pieces!


3 Responses to “Flathunting”

  1. Yucky, you think you would clean first eh!

    Hope you manage to find a new flat soon! Our flat just now is still full of wedding bits!

  2. Yuck! That is gross! And yes I remember the flat hunting in Glasgow well… I saw a lot of skanky flats for too much money back then! Good luck!

  3. As digusting as it most probably was to witness – the skid marks comment made me chuckle!

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